Art Exhibition- Looking To the New World

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15th May 28th May

Curated by Artists from The Lemon Collective, this exhibition brings together artists who have experienced migration first hand and others who are responding to the process of leaving behind one’s homeland to start a new life overseas.

Artists: Jayde Marie Bell, Emma Curd, Emma Dwyer, Linda Jones, Liriya Lee, Debrea Lewis, Winston Ludd, Dennis Outten, Barbara and Michaela Swan, Laura Sullivan, James Worley and Jonzo (Rachel Davey & Lottie Brzozowski)

Curator team: Rachel Davies, Linda Jones, Debrea Lewis, Laura Sullivan, Sean Tolmey

Free entry
Baltic Creative
Unit 51
49 Jamaica street
L1 0AH

3D Audio Workshop with the ViSET EU project

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Stefan Kazassoglou of Kinicho demonstrated 3D audio at Baltic Creative for an open workshop with the ViSET project

ViSet, is an exciting and innovative project, funded by Culture Europe and Arts Council England, for experimenting with and promoting the use of virtual stage sets and digital technology in performing arts, to reach new audiences with greater diversity.  Come and join us and find out what we are doing in Liverpool and across Europe.

ViSet members from Basecamp, Bring the Fire Project, the Lemon Collective, and their European Partners from Italy, Spain and Serbia were in Liverpool for 3 days working with the Lemon Collective.

Creative Europe Project – Citizen Artists

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Our other new Creative Europe project starting in May with partners across Europe The Citizen Artist Incubator project is based on the realization that the arts have untapped potential in helping us overcome the problems we face today, a few artists have started to employ their craft in new ways that have a transformative impact and reach beyond their traditional territory. This phenomenon was formally recognized for the first time in June 2013 by the Aspen Institute, which defined Citizen Artists as:

Individuals who re-imagine the traditional notions of art-making, and who contribute to society either through the transformative power of their artistic abilities, or through proactive social engagement with the arts in realms including education, community building, diplomacy and healthcare.

Citizen Artists operate at the edge of artistic innovation and need, and thus bridge the gap between what over the last decades has come to be categorized as ‘high’ and ‘low’ (or ‘community arts’), and as ‘intrinsically’ versus ‘extrinsically’ generating value. Citizen Artists’ initiatives take many forms, but have one aspect in common that sets them apart: they seek to creatively engage with issues that concern them and then find ways to maximize social and/or civic impact by reaching new audiences and underrepresented groups. Developing and realizing such initiatives is exeptionally challenging; it requires a high level of artistic skill combined with a bird’s eye view, vision, creativity, adaptability, an entrepreneurial spirit and a network to create new partnerships. It is therefore not surprising that Citizen Artists remain few and their initiatives dispersed. The Citizen Artist Incubator is the first initiative worldwide, that will equip a new, larger generation of performing artists with the skills, knowhow and network needed to succeed.